Day 01: (Jan. 13/) Arrival of Addis Ababa and Sight seeing

Arrival Addis Ababa and transfer to your hotel. Depending on your arrival time make sightseeing in Addis.  The sightseeing includes the national museum (where you can see the Lucy fossil skeleton) found) the Ethnological museum, Trinity cathedral church, Entoto hills and Merkato. O/N Hotel

Day 02: (Jan. 14) Fly to Lalibela and sight seeing

Early in the morning fly to Lalibela and transfer to the hotel. After short break excursion to visit the first group of the magnificent rock-hewn churches of Lalibela which are carved out of living volcanic tuff with super architectural skill that the world has never seen, yet elsewhere. UNESCO registers these churches as world heritage. Among churches of this group Bete Medahine Alem (house of the redeemer) is the largest with 5 aisles, 72 pillars, vaulted dome and molding decoration. Bete Mariam (house of St. Marry) is the most decorated among the rock hewn churches. O/N HOTEL  

Day 03: (Jan. 15) More Excursions in Lalibela

In the morning excursion to Yemerhane Kirstos cave church outside of Lalibela through beautiful mountainous land scape of last region. Back to the hotel for lunch. After noon. Visit the second group of the rock-hewn churches; Bete Emanuel (house of Emanuel) is architecturally the finest. Bete Giorgis (the house of George) is the finest of all the churches in Lalibela for which reason art historians conclude that this church is carved at the end of the cluster, after the masons have developed their skill to carve the church in such extraordinary perfection. O/N HOTEL  

Day 04: (Jan. 16 )  Drive to Bahir Dar

Drive to Bahir Dar of lake Tana region  via Worita. O/N HOTEL  

Day 05: ( Jan. 17 ) Excursion in Bahir Dar

make a boat trip on Lake Tana and visit two or three of its beautiful and interesting islands with their medieval period monasteries. Covering over 3500sq km, Lake Tana is Ethiopia’s largest lake and is famous as the home of the monasteries established on some 20 of its 37 islands. Most churches in the monasteries have interesting paintings and contain a collection of church treasures and beautiful old manuscripts back to the hotel for lunch and short break.

In afternoon drive to Tis Isat (smoking of Fire) waterfall, Previous it was one of the most spectacular falls in Africa, 400m wide when in flood and dropping over a sheer chasm more than 45m deep, the thunderous noise could be heard long before arrival and the spray that is thrown up could be felt up to a kilo meters away. But since a dam has been built upstream, the waterfall is reduced and has lost some of its former splendour but specially now in the rain time, it is still impressive. And also the walk to the waterfall is nice and you can enjoy nature and watch birds. Keep an eye out for parrots, bee-eaters, lovebirds and turacos. You can also watch vervet monkeys as well. And also visit  the first day ceremony of Timket  in Bahir dar. O/N HOTEL  

Day 06  ( Jan. 18 )  Drive to GonDar  visit the castles, Fassilada’s bath& Debre Birhan Selassie Church

Early in the morning after breakfast drive to Gondar  and in the after noon visit the Royal Enclosure that is surrounded by high stone walls containing the ruins of 17th century palaces of king Fasiladas, king Lyasu and queen Mentewab and different other buildings. The castles are a mixture of Ethiopian, European and probably also Indian styles. According to descriptions of 17th century travelers, the interior of the castle of king Fasiladas was extremely luxurious, decorated with gold, ivory and precious stones. 

And also  visit Debre Berhan Selassie Church meaning Trinity at the Mount of Light. It has rectangular structure and ceilings are decorated with beautiful winged angels, and its walls with impressive scenes depicting biblical events, including the life of Christ, Mary, and the saints and martyrs. Lastly you can also visit Waleka village which used to be the Ethiopian Jewish village Late after noon visit the first day of Timket ceremony people walking to the Fasil bath with Arc of convent.


Day 07 (Jan. 19) Attend the Timket ceremony and drive to Siemen Mountain National park.

In the morning visit the colorful last day of Timket ceremony in Gondar then proceed driving to Semien Mountains. After arranging entrance permits at Debarq drive to the national park and do some short walk around Sankaber camp site to observe the Gelada baboon and Jin bar waterfalls. O/N HOTEL

Day 08  (Jan. 20 ) More excursion for short trekking in Semien mountains

In the morning do some short walk in the Seimen mountain  around Chenck camp spotting Walia Ibex  and at Debarq attend timekt Ceremony.  O/N HOTEL  

 Day 09: ( Jan. 21 ) Driving to Axum

Early in the morning after breakfast   proceed driving   to Axum Passing the breathtaking hairpins on the edge of Semien Mountains and the unforgettable rough landscape of Tigray with the impressive gorge of Takeze River. picnic lunch on the way. O/N HOTEL  

Day 10: (Jan. 22) Excursion in Axum

Morning:      City Tour, visit Obelisks, St.Mary of Zion compound, archeological museum.  If enough time is left: Ezana’s stone, Bazen’s tomb

Afternoon:   Continue excursion: Graves of King Kaleb and Gebre Meskel (people who like to walk can walk back via the Abba Pentawelon and/or Abba Liquano monasteries which is 1.5 hour via a steep track so only for good walkers). Eventually you can advice guests to  visit: Sheba’s bath, ruines of palace of Dungur, market

Day. 11 ( Jan. 23 ) Fly back to Addis Ababa

In the morning after breakfast transfer to the air port and fly back to Addis Ababa, shopping at souvenir shops. Evening fair well dinner and transfer to air port for departure.